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Elevate Your Building’s Style: Exploring Innovative Elevator Cladding Solutions

elevator cladding

When it comes to designing modern buildings, every detail counts. Elevators, once considered purely functional, have evolved into aesthetic focal points. Elevator cladding, the decorative covering on elevator interiors and exteriors, plays a significant role in enhancing the visual appeal of buildings. Let’s explore innovative elevator cladding solutions that can transform the look and feel […]

What are the Benefits of Using Elevator Access Control Systems?

elevator access control systems

Security is of paramount importance in certain businesses. They use certain floors in a building for confidential work, and it is mandatory to restrict people’s entry to such areas. Installing elevator access control systems come in handy in such situations as it offers enhanced security control by managing access to specific floors in a building. […]

Getting the Best Security Practices in Place for Facility Elevator Systems

Getting the Best Security Practices in Place for Facility Elevator Systems

Getting the best security practices in place for facility elevator systems involves both physical as well as digital interfaces. Elevator access control systems today, increasingly rely on embedded electronics controlled by smart chips. As such they are vulnerable to both onsite as well as remote hacking attacks. The safety and security of elevator access control […]

How we designed the US Supreme Court Elevator Cab

How we designed the US Supreme Court Elevator Cab

This is the story of how Premier Elevators designed the US Supreme Court elevator cab as an exact replica of the original American quartered white oak that burned down in an electrical fire thirty years ago. After the fire incident, only a standard laminated panel had been installed but never replaced. Our challenge was to […]

5 Safety Recommendations for Elevators

elevator safety tips

No building accessory is used as frequently as an elevator. At home or work, we can’t imagine a day without it. Interestingly, like your health, it also deserves care and maintenance from time to time. It’s better to give it preventive care than waiting for an emergency to act upon. Premier Elevator Cabs, the leading […]

Why You Need an Elevator Redesign Company

elevator redesign

An elevator has become a basic need nowadays, particularly in multi-story buildings. Whether you are a contractor accountable for the elevator maintenance, builder or real estate agents involved in the sale or purchase, or owner, you simply can’t overlook the health or condition of your elevator. Here comes the role of an elevator redesign company. […]

What Things You Need To Know Before Lift Lobby Wall Design

what things you need to know before lift lobby wall design

The elevator is used in a building having floors numbered from 1 to so on, where the first floor is known as a lobby. You already know that your building’s elevator lobby is the first impression you make on your visitors. That means it’s one of the most important aspects of interior design for a […]