The Art of Using Wood Panels in An Elevator

Modern interior design is quickly picking up on wooden flooring and wall panels. Yet, some interior designers shy away from incorporating wood in an elevator. This may seem like a relatable perspective when you look around and you find stainless steel to synonymous with modern corporate decor.

Whether you are planning for an elevator interior remodelling or installing new elevators in a building, choosing the perfect pane material and design is one of the most important decisions. We know wooden flooring looks great, but how about wooden elevator wall panels? Let’s see how you can make it all work!

How to take your pick?

While deciding whether or not you want to incorporate wooden elevator wall panels, first think about the purpose of the elevators. Is it a passenger carrier or a freight elevator? Wood does need maintenance and repairs over time, but if it is subjected to regular wear and tear it can very quickly start to look worn-out and cheap.

Elevator Interior Remodelling

For a freight elevator, you can only imagine the damage of carrying heavy goods and material that can cause gashes and nasty scratches. Wood is not a great choice for a freight elevator, but when you think about the elevator cab interior for passengers, the idea of a classic and chic look pops-up in your imagination.

This holds true for most cases, whether it’s an office building, mall compound or a residential building, wooden elevator wall panels are among your best choices in such a scenario.

How Well Does It Go with The Building’s Decor?

The modern interior decor has embraced wooden interiors with open arms as long as it is in the lobby. But you will very rarely find places that offer a homely and comfortable vibe with a classic appeal.

If a building exudes a cozy yet chic vibe through a cabin-like lobby with built-in fireplaces et cetera you have an easy way to go with wooden wall panels for elevators.

Does that mean modern decor rejects the idea of elevator panel design in wood? No, modern architecture and interior design have been able to mix stainless steel components with wooden panels.

You can witness the use of mirrors, stainless steel and wooden panels in multiple branded five-star hotels and resorts around the world. You just have to find the right mix that works for a specific building.

Trade Shoes With Guests

Well, not literally! But take into account how guests would feel after they step into the elevator. It should have enough room and offer a calm and chic look for the passengers. Why not implement your design in a single elevator cab and then do a quick verbal survey among people coming out of the elevators? Get them to assign a score between 1 and 10, and see what seems to be working.

What’s Next?

You decide, really. Wooden wall panels for your elevator cabs can be a game-changer, particularly if this is the first elevator decor upgrade. We strongly recommend them.

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