The Overlooked Importance of Elevator Surface Protection

Everyone is trying their best to get good rentals with great elevator designs in today’s environment.Building elevators frequently serve as the “public face” of building interiors. Elevators are also becoming more interactive spaces that offer a higher user experience.Elevator Surface Protection to your existing elevator and escalator systems is an essential part of providing good quality infrastructure. Thanks to incessant use and rapidly changing technologies, this is now very easy. But not everyone understands theoverlooked importance of elevator surface protection. Here are the reasons why:

• Too Many Deep Scratches and Dents?

You are ultimately faced with the reality of damaged elevator entrance frames, doors, and front walls. Don’t replace it. Clad over it! The existing metals can be easily wrapped with newCladding. This allows you to change the appearance and the metal without the exorbitant cost of replacement.

• Design Assistance

Change the stainless body to bronze or maybe powder-coated steel. Let the design team of a good elevator service companywork with you to discover the option that best suits your needs and your budget.

• Custom Measurements

The elevator service companies take the headache of measurements off of the customer. Their experts take all the measurements essential to clad over the existing finishes to deliver a finish that looks original.

Even if you want to install claddings with your personnel, they will send you templates to complete so that the communication of measurements is clear and simple. To ensure both the parties are in sync, they will send you a drawing to review before parts are made.

• Metal refinishing & oxidation

It is very often that the existing metals look worn or dated. Nobody prefers to spend a fortune. With the support and assistance of an elevator service company, you can do the followings:

1. Remove the Scratches
While deep dents and scratches can only be “fixed” by cladding over the existing metal, minor scratches can be refinished and virtually disappear!

2. Change the Finish
Those mirrored finishes of the past are looking tired and outdated?The refinishing team of a good elevator service company can turn your mirrored finishes of stainless steel and bronze into a satin or non-directional finish for awholly different appearance.

3. Change the Color
Oxidation is another inexpensive way to change the aesthetics of stainless steel or bronze. With this approach, elevator cab interior companies chemically treat the surface resulting in darker tones. The finish arrays from light brown to near black depending upon customer preference. This upgrade updates the look and helps in hiding those imperfections that come with age.

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