What Are the Benefits of Touchless Elevators?

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A safe vertical transport system is the need of every multi-story building. The pandemic has made us conscious about limiting physical contact with public surfaces. Did you know that building elevator buttons are among the most touched surfaces in a building and are often home to many germs? In such a scenario embracing touchless technology in elevators offers a safe way to commute to the elevator users as it does away with the need for the riders to press any buttons. If you are planning to upgrade your building elevators with touchless technology, you would likely want to know how it works and what more benefits it offers.

A lot of research by elevator engineering services enterprises that gone into enabling touchless technology in elevators. There are a few different ways it can be done – one way is to use advanced gestures to control elevator buttons without touching, some brands use mid-air haptic technology to control buttons, and there are others that make use of mobile and cloud-based elevator access solutions. The last one has gained popularity among brands as it enables app-based touchless access to elevators. Following are some of the benefits of embracing this technology.

Flexible and ease of use:

When embracing any new technology, ease of use and flexibility is of prime importance to users. As more and more people are getting used to app-based services, having control of an elevator ride on an app offers the best experience to users. Users can choose the floor in the app as they enter the premises and get a seamless experience.

The Power of IoT:

These apps are IoT enabled, meaning they can recognize the building tenants through their smartphones and automatically call the elevator cab. Pretty hi-tech right!

Safe and Secure:

We already discussed the safety aspect; touchless elevators break the chain of transfer of germs to the users. And this system when accessed with an app is secure too. It can be integrated with the building access control and access to specific floors can be limited if needed.

Touchless elevators are designed to offer a safe and secure ride experience to users. If you are looking for a professional elevator service company, that specializes in this area, check out Premier Elevator Cabs. With more than 25 years of experience in the elevator industry, they deal in design, production, engineering, cladding, elevator interior, metal oxidation finishing, and more. If you are looking for an easy-to-implement touchless elevator system on your premises, they can help you with all the options at hand. Call them today for an appointment. The pandemic has accelerated the implementation of new technologies in the vertical transportation system to meet the challenges of today. Ask the experts, embrace the touchless elevator system solutions and stay ahead in the game.