What Are the Top Common Mistakes to Avoid While Remodeling Your Elevator?

elevator service companyRemodeling an existing elevator in a building is a time-consuming and critical project. It must be done right and therefore should be handled by professionals from a reputed elevator service company. The cost of the remodeling of the elevator depends on several factors – like what all part of the elevator machinery needs to be replaced and what can be reused, are you looking to increase the car speed, what elevator interior remodeling you are considering, etc.? Whenever you plan a renovation, keep in mind that the remodeling has to last at least 20 years, so plan the changes accordingly.

In this article, we will share the common mistakes people make when remodeling their elevators so that you can avoid the same and save recurring costs.

1. Falling for low price marketing gimmick:

This is perhaps the biggest and most costly mistake people do when remodeling their elevator. There are many aspects of elevator modernization that need to be thought through. For example, many service companies offer lower prices to entice the clients but in reality, they offer substandard service or an initial low cost but higher maintenance cost. Do not fall for such marketing by some elevator companies. Instead, look out for a reputed service provider who has been in the market for a long and with proven recommendations from clients.

2. Retaining old and outdated components:

Most people want to get the remodeling done at a low cost and in an attempt to keep the costs low retain certain parts that should ideally be replaced. Ideally, one should have a 20 years outlook when remodeling an elevator, because one cannot take carry out the project every other year and incur recurring costs.

3. Not thinking through the right elevator interior:

The interior of the elevator cab is often not properly thought through. Some people want to go for a grand interior with heavy elements like heavy ornate decorative ceilings or stone floorings in their small elevator cabs. It is not practical. The interior of the elevator should be cab appropriate. Practical lightweight designs are best for small cabs as it allows to stick to the weight limits in elevators. A good elevator service company can advise you properly regarding the best design to go for the elevator interior when going for a renovation project.

4. Not installing handrails:

Many people think that by removing handrails they can create more space inside the elevator cab. But, the benefit of installing handrails outweighs the little space created by removing them. It makes the elevator ride experience better for old people and those with physical disabilities. So, do not skip installing them to keep the cost low.

5. Postponing the remodeling until there is no other option:

Elevator renovation is a time taking process and the lift remains out of order while the process is ongoing. So, people are prone to putting the remodeling on hold until the last moment, when there is no other option. Planning the renovation can help in scheduling it better, like opting to get the work done on weekends or during low rush hours. Postponing the renovation will only deteriorate the condition of the elevator further.

These were some of the common mistakes people do when renovating their elevator. To ensure that you do not make these mistakes, hire the services of a reputed elevator service company. If you are looking to get some elevator job done in DC, MD, VA, NC, or DE, check out Premier Elevator Cabs.

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