What do Elevator Inspectors do During Elevator Inspections?

commercial elevator companiesThe elevators in a multi-storied building provide the owners/visitors with a fast and reliable vertical transport system within the premises. But as is with any machinery, elevators have to be maintained in good working condition so that they can provide seamless service to their users. Property owners who do not put elevator repair and maintenance high on their priority list experience more elevator downtime and in worst cases accidents involving the elevator. That is why elevator inspections are mandated by law and must be carried out periodically to ensure that an elevator is safe to use.

Elevator inspectors check and examine the elevators to certify them to be safe for use. They check the elevators on several parameters to provide the safety certificate. To ensure that your elevator passes the elevator inspection tests, it is important to run routine maintenance checks. A comprehensive elevator maintenance check helps in addressing potential risks. When you hire elevator maintenance services from one of the best commercial elevator companies like Premier Elevator Cabs, you can get the best elevator maintenance services. Their elevator experts follow an elevator inspection checklist to ensure that nothing is left. From control boxes, door operation, electrical circuits, elevator wiring, and more – every single thing is taken care of and accounted for. Without such a checklist, there is a big risk of overlooking some critical aspects of elevator maintenance.

The elevator inspector also follows a checklist of parameters to examine and test. It includes the following but is not limited to it alone.

– The doors of the elevator cab operate freely without any obstruction.

– Emergency stop button in the elevator cab functions properly.

– The emergency phone works and connects with the fire station or 911.

– Inspection of door clearances and panels.

– Functioning Smoke detectors and fire alarm system.

– Check oil levels in the elevator machine room and ensure that all parts are properly lubricated.

– There are no signs of damage to the electric wiring.

– There are no hindrances to accessing the equipment.

– Ensure the cable is in good condition.

– The brakes are functioning properly and the mechanism that operates the brakes is sound.

– The hoistway is free from rodents.

– Standby power operation is working properly

– The Overspeed governor is in good condition

The building owner can’t check these things on his owner without having proper knowledge about the same so it is best to hire the elevator engineering services from a reputed elevator service provider. However, you can do certain things that can ensure successful inspection like:

– Maintain proper lighting on all floors.

– All the fire extinguishers are kept in proper locations and the tagged appropriately,

– The machine room access is clear of all types of obstruction.

– There is a dedicated phone service line for the elevator.

– Notify your elevator service provider if you notice any irregular operation of the elevator – like the door not closing properly, noise in the moving cab, jerks in movements, broken or missing buttons, etc.

– Always keep your elevator paperwork up to date and abide by the local code of elevator operations.

If you need help in maintaining your elevator in good condition, the experts at Premier Elevator Cabs are here to help. With decades of experience up their sleeves, they know exactly what it takes to keep your elevator safe and working efficiently. Call them today to book an appointment.