What Features Should All Commercial Elevators Have?


Elevators are the backbone of a multi-storied commercial complex. It is one of the most expensive additions to the building, one that is installed with a long-term view. So, ample thought and research must go into choosing the right elevator with all the desired features. There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing a commercial elevator – e.g., what type of commercial building it is going to be installed in? Is it a business office, a shopping center, or an industrial building? You have to take the traffic and footfalls into consideration.

– Since a commercial elevator is accessible to more people, consider choosing one made with more durable material. It helps to minimize cases of damage and vandalism.

– Budget is another important factor to consider. They may be many state-of-the-art elevators that are way above your budget. Finding an elevator with the features you need in your desired budget is key.

– The appearance of the elevator must blend in with the overall décor.

– And lastly, the most important consideration is the safety standards. Whichever model of the elevator you zero down on must adhere to the safety norms.

You can take the help of an elevator service company to find the best commercial elevator for your premises. Some of the features that are a must-have in commercial elevators include:

– Automatic sliding cabin and landing doors

– Desired cabin speed

– Appropriate cabin size and load capacity

– LED ceiling lights for adequate lighting

– Push buttons with braille

– Anti-slip flooring

– Inbuilt alarm is the load capacity exceeds the cabin’s maximum capacity

– Handle Bar in the cabin for support

– Appropriate safety features

The safety features are a top priority in any commercial building so that the riders have complete peace of mind when they are using the elevator. Some of the safety features to check out as listed as follows:

– Double chain protection measures in a commercial elevator ensure double safety of the passengers. In case there is some accidental snap in the lifting chain, the extra chain takes care of the load.

– Emergency features in case there is a power failure are also a must. Typically, in most modern elevators there is a feature that enables the cabin to travel to the nearest landing floor and open in case of a sudden failure of power.

– The door Linkage feature ensures that the elevator door opens on a floor when the elevator cab is there. This enables accidents involving passengers entering the hoistway.

The maintenance of the elevator from time to time is important to ensure that all the safety features are working appropriately. If you are looking for a reliable elevator service company offering a range of elevator engineering services, check out Premier Elevator Cabs. They are a leading company in this sector offering the best elevator installation and maintenance services at affordable prices. Connect with them today to discuss your needs.