What Is The Elevator Load Test And Why Is It Important?

An untested elevator could out you out of business!

Unfortunately, issues can develop in elevators without any obvious signals. Building managers might not even know of the damage until the problem becomes severe. Damages in the elevator can be life-threatening. Hence, it is important to hire an elevator service company to service and maintain them.

An elevator service company will run tests on the elevator to rule out any defects in it. Only professionals can know if there is any problem.
An elevator load test is the best way to determine if the elevator is in good condition.

What Is An Elevator Load Test And How Is It Conducted?

An elevator load test aims to determine that the mechanical equipment can lift and move its maximum load at its maximum speed without compromising on the safety of people in it.
Different countries can have different parameters of analyzing the load test run on elevators, however, the objective remains the same.

For instance, some elevator service companies run a load test with the maximum weight an elevator can endure. On the other hand, some conduct this test by placing 125% more load to elevators and checking the functioning.

Another load test is done by moving the elevator without any load at maximum speed to compare the results.

To conduct the load test, the elevator engineer will operate the equipment in each direction and see if the ropes stay in the correct position, the brakes are working fine, and the elevator is stopping at the correct distance as per the applied codes.

Once the elevator load test is conducted, the engineer assigned to service the elevator will analyze the results and decide whether it needs servicing or repair.
When the elevator service company conducts maintenance, it will include routine examination, cleaning of the elevator’s interior, adjustment of parts would depend on the elevator interior design and lubrication of nuts and bolts.

In case any repair is needed after the load test then the engineers will repair parts, components or systems to keep the elevator in good working condition.
And in case, any device or component is beyond repair, those will need to be replaced according to the code requirements.

Why Is An Elevator Load Test Important?

An elevator load test is important because it is a mechanical device that ferries people up and down a building.
In case, any part, component, device, rope, the system is damaged, it can put the lives of people in danger.

Although, elevator load tests do not need to be done frequently, regular inspections and maintenance must be conducted.

Putting off routine testing and maintenance can lead to deterioration of the elevators and can cause bigger issues down the line.

As a building owner, look for signs which might indicate damage to the elevator and contact professionals to avoid circumstances that could jeopardize human safety.

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