What is the Life Expectancy of An Elevator?

Life expectancy of an average elevator is around 20 years. After this period a lift needs to be modernized. However, the elevator cables come with the life expectancy of 10 to 15 years based on load capacity and its use. During the latter part of its lifespan, the elevator system is going to have performance slump and increased service calls. When this begins to happen, you should consider upgrading or replacing your elevator.

A longer lifespan of an elevator depends on the following factors:

• Proper Maintenance practices
• Upgrading components to new technology
• Proper elevator installation procedures
• Usage
• Exposure to weather

Elevators can typically be upgraded when components reach their designated lifecycle. Rather than replacing the entire unit, you can rebuild an elevator by changing some components.

What is the Standard Timing of Maintenance and Testing?

Elevator Testing should be monthly and an annual inspection along with optimal performance receive regular maintenance. Regular maintenance will extend elevators’ life expectancy. Always hire a professional to perform any maintenance and inspections.

What to Do to Extend Your Elevator’s Lifespan?

Here are some tips to increase your unit’s life:

• Keep a check of temperature: It is advices to maintain the elevator machine room’s temperature between 15 to 32° C range.
• Visual Inspection: Inspect your elevator every other week
• Elevator Lights: Ensure to change non-working cab lights during maintenance checks.
• Cleaning: The stains on the cab door and walls can be cleaned yourself. Avoid the use of cleaners on the controls as they can get tarnished over time.
• Buttons: If the buttons get stuck, tap them lightly to remove them. Do not use tools to prevent any damage.

Elevator maintenance does not seem like a necessity, but it can save you some money on costly repairs. A lift that is well-maintained and clean will last longer with lesser problems. If elevators are not maintained, they can break down and get some major damage which can take a toll on your pocket.

Paying for routine elevator maintenance will keep your elevator in good condition while saving money in the long-run. To reduce the costs of elevator maintenance, implement the aforementioned tips.

The elevator is an essential part of your building. How it looks and feels says a lot about your building, the management, and the owners. Premier Elevator Cabs provide information you need to make right decisions about all aspects of your elevators.

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