What is the Size and Dimensions of School Elevators?

What is the Size and Dimensions of School Elevators?

It is crucial to provide easy access for all in colleges, schools, and universities. That’s not only because they wish to welcome all but also because the law needs them to do so. Thus, selecting the right elevator for your educational institute or school is an important decision to make. You should approach a reputed elevator service company to install an elevator in your school or college. At the same time, it is not a tough decision to make if you have done some homework before zeroing in one.

The installation process becomes pretty straightforward once you have jotted down the main requirements and considerations specific to your premises. For people who are uncertain about what questions they should ask, this article will come in handy. We have tried to include some key aspects of escalator installations within academies and schools.

Deciding where to place your escalator within the school premises is a crucial decision. There are cases where adaptations to the school building are needed. Hence, you must take into account any locality that might get disturbed due to the works. For instance, such an area can include a significant piece of mural or artwork. You may then have to take a call on whether to locate the escalator elsewhere in such scenarios.

Reliability, Efficiency, and Durability
Durable and reliable equipment is essential when an escalator or lift is available in an academy or school environment. Teaching staff, students, and visitors are likely to use the escalator. The escalator has to be highly efficient for this reason. It also means you need to install a robust lift or escalator to offer a convenient and consistent service to all those people using it.

Size and Dimension
It is a good practice to locate the escalator in a place, which is least likely to get tampered with within secondary and primary schools. Remember that when the footprint is small, an escalator becomes more versatile, particularly concerning space.

Sometimes, the situation may be such that you have to get the escalator installed as an external structure. You may have to do so when the building has limited space availability. You need to also consider access routes so that the escalator can be conveniently placed with minimal effort to adapt to the building.

Also, remember that any educational building falls within the scope of specific building regulations while installing a functional elevator. The lift’s platform size is thus the key. It should be functional to meet the requirements of people using the building. Typically, the platform size of the lift should not be less than 1100 x 1400mm.

An elevator with a capacity for 6 passengers or 580 kg should ideally be 1500 (W) x 1650 (D). The size of the cabin should be 950 (W) X 1300 (D). The cabin size for an escalator or lift with 8 people or 630 kg should typically be 1100 (W) X 1400 (D).

Contact Premier Elevator Cabs for Swift Installation
Usually, academies and schools feature a hive of activity taking place in their premises daily. Premier Elevator Cabs is one of the leading commercial elevator companies that make sure that there is minimal disruption while installation or repair works are performed. We ensure a more time-efficient and streamlined installation of elevators as a result. We also recommend conducting regular servicing and inspection of elevators in schools to keep them safe. The company uses a modern elevator interior for maximum functionality and ease of access.