What to Do When Elevator Doors Take Too Long to Open

The slow movement of the elevator door is a common issue. Most of the time, owners take it for granted which is wrong. Malfunctioned elevator doors account for several injuries and deaths. Premier Elevator, one of the leading elevator cab companies in the USA, talks about what to do when elevator doors take too long to open.

Before you delve into issues and resolutions, here is a brief overview of the architecture of your elevator door.

Residential and commercial – both elevator machines share a common door design with four key components as follows: car door, floor door, door and door, and door ancillaries. The car door is associated with the elevator cab, it moves up and down along with the cab. The floor door is associated with the floor and it’s a static element that you see from outside. Door and door and ancillaries connect the two doors and support the movement as per the inputs.

If it’s happening with a new elevator

Elevator components are assembled at the site. Initial problems indicate installation or assembly problems. There can be a disconnect between the movement of the car door and the floor door. The car door has a tying device (such as the door knife). It works with the door lock and transfers the movement from the car door to the floor door.

It generally happens when the installation engineers fail to follow the manual of the elevator design company. As the elevator warranty is valid, you don’t need to panic. Inform the same to your elevator cab interior company.

If it’s a new issue with an old elevator

If you happen to notice any such condition, check the horizontal grooves (below and above the door) provided for doors to slide left and right. Clean it thoroughly if you find any rust, dust, or unwanted objects. Turn and off the elevator. There may be fault with the door control system, which is usually based on an integrated circuit. The circuit records the inputs and stimulates the required response. It can be repaired or replaced. Sometimes rust deposition on the door panels can obstruct the movement. Inform the door operational problems to your elevator cab company without any delay if manual cleaning or restart doesn’t help. If the door surface has lost its shine and it develops rusting frequently after cleaning, go for elevator metal refinishing.

If it’s a recurring issue

Intermittent issues signal frictions among the components of your elevator door. This happens because of the wear and tear of the components. Skipping routine maintenance of the elevator aggravates the damage, which can be expensive to fix later. It also overburdens the elevator’s motor system and increases electricity consumption. Remember, it may cause overheating of the machine and the SMPS that handles the power. Do not experiment if you do not have a full-proof knowledge of elevator maintenance. Instead, bring your elevator service company into the picture.

What to do when you are stuck inside?

1. Remain calm
2. Do not attempt to open the door forcefully
3. Do not try to exit
4. Use the intercom option or ring the alarm to connect with the helpdesk or someone who can help
5. Use other means like your phone if you have to communicate
6. Move to the rear of the elevator

As a rule of thumb, care and attention can help you avoid elevator door problems. The better you are at it, the better service you can expect from your hardware investment. It also adds more life to your equipment