What You Need To Do To Weatherproof Your Elevator During The Winter

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Winter is here and we are all ready to watch the temperature plummet. Like most machines, elevators are sensitive to extreme changes in temperature. So, this winter season, take the time to weatherproof your elevator and avoid any sudden shutdowns due to unforeseen damage to the elevator. It is important to take care of the safety of the passengers, so we have listed the top ways to prepare your elevator for cold wintry months.

Keep the Hydraulic Oil Temperature at Optimal Levels

Hydraulic oil is responsible for the smooth lifting of the elevator and its ideal temperature should be between 85 to 95 Fahrenheit for best performance. The fall in temperature during winter can cause the oil to become cold, especially if the equipment is installed in a place where there is no climate control and monitoring facility. It can lead to erratic leveling of the system and cause problems in the elevator functioning. You can address the issue by maintaining the ideal machine-room temperature. You can also opt to install a tank heater in the hydraulic oil reservoir to regulate the temperature of the oil.

Have a Back-Up Power

Power outages are common when a snowstorm hits. Preparing for a such condition is imperative for elevator safety during winter. Invest in a generator for power backup. The inbuilt battery backup system in an elevator can be enough for some regions. But you should ensure that the battery backup is fully functional and working well during a power outage.

Slip and Fall Prevention

Snow and ice can cause havoc outside the building premises. Puddles can form in front of the elevator entrance with people walking in with snow-soaked boots. The melted snow, when accumulated at the elevator entrance, can damage the elevator doors. The puddles can also make the floor slippery and thereby inviting cases of slip and fall injury. Keep the elevator safe by installing mats to remove any snow off the shoes and don’t allow puddles to form on the premises.

Check Elevator Pit Sump

Ensure that there are no cases of ice and snow build-up in the elevator pit sump and it is in good working condition throughout the winter. Never operate the elevator if there is an ice and snow build-up as it can cause the trolleys to freeze and it can cause extensive damage to the traveling cable.

Elevator safety is important throughout the year but its importance increases even more during winter. You can take these steps to weatherproof your elevator this winter. If you have any concerns about your elevator, you can get in touch with the experts at Premier Elevator Cabs. They are a leading elevator service company offering a whole range of elevator-related services from elevator maintenance and servicing, to elevator interior remodeling and elevator cab renovations. Get in touch with them for any elevator-related problems.