Why the Elevator Ceiling Design is Essential Along with Walls

The elevator wall and ceiling are both an integral part of the interior of every elevator cab. When it comes to your elevator cab’s wall interior and ceiling style and presentation can go a long way in establishing the level of quality attached to your company name.

First impressions and branding are linked when it comes to a your commercial every aspect of the building requires to be clean and tidy for the best results. Regardless of what you are looking for a suspended ceiling, standard louver diffusers, or a specially designed ceiling we are here to ensure everything is designed and manufactured to meet all required codes.

Elevator Car Walls and Ceiling

Being the largest surface of an elevator, the walls and ceiling are something you want them to be perfect. As a design element, the elevator cab walls will let you to add new shades to your design. Elevator car walls can be as simple as plywood walls to painted or stained on site.

Options such as shiplap, wainscoting, and picture framing add another a new touch to your elevator car. If you are so prepared, stainless steel or glass walls are perfect for commercial elevators. So, whether you want to have an arts and crafts motif; or the ornate experience of a mirrored car, our craftsmen have the skill and experience to convert your vision a reality.

Lift Car Lighting

Car lighting is provided inside the elevator and automatically switches on when the elevator is called. The lights will stay on during operation and will turn off after the elevator has been idle for some time.

Long-Lasting Elevator Lighting Options

Adjusting your elevator lighting is one of the quickest ways to improve energy efficiency, while also updating the look and feel of the cab.

Timed lighting systems can bring cost and energy-saving benefits to buildings where the elevator is not in constant use. At Premier Elevator Cabs, we have also helped building owners move away from incandescent lighting in favor of LED systems, which use less power and have longer lifespans.

Recessed lighting and down lights in the ceiling of an elevator are the most common options. A new trend we have seen is vertical columns that are installed by placing the laminated glass in front of LED light panels.

Easy-to-Use Control Panels

The functionality of an elevator is simple: It goes up and comes down. This means there’s no reason your control panels should be complicated. Our team will help you select your elevator’s call button shape, color, and back lighting while ensuring the control panel remains simple for anyone to use.

When it comes to finding quality elevator parts, you need a trusted company with years of experience in the industry and a proven track record for delivering amazing to their clients. When it comes to upgrading commercial elevators, our team of experts is here to offer the best solutions to match our quality products.

Premier Elevators Cabs is proud to offer services that are well-planned and affordable. We’re here to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your elevator cab interior, as there are many options. If you’re looking for the best service and parts in the industry, be sure to reach out to Premier Elevators Cabs today!

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