Winter Weather Warning For Your Elevator

Winter Weather Warning For Your Elevato

Extreme cold temperatures outside have an adverse effect on elevators. When the winter season sets in, you have to up your maintenance game to ensure that your elevators function smoothly. A few preventive measures can go a long way in that direction. When it snows heavily, de-icing agents and rock salt are commonly used on roads, and they get carried into elevator space through the steps of the people walking in and out of elevators. It may seem benign, but the de-icing agents are corrosive and can jam the elevator doors. Similarly, some common problems in elevators arise due to increased hoist-way pressure that can cause the elevator to shut down. A professional elevator service company can help you with winter elevator maintenance so that you do not face any issues in the working of your elevator.

Some elevator cab companies also provide elevator cab renovations and elevator cladding services if the maintenance demands. The good news is that we at Premier Elevator Cabs can take care of all these problems in advance by taking precautionary steps.

Here are the things that are a must for winter elevator maintenance to keeping it in good working condition.

Get Some High-Quality Entrance Mats: 

It may seem like a no-brainer, but many people fail to do it, resulting in elevator doors and sills caused by de-icing agents. As the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine; these mats will keep your elevator doors in good shape and also prevent the hazards of slipping.

Dealing With Hoist Way Pressure:

During winter months, the heaters in buildings are on most of the time, making the air inside warm. In such circumstances, the shaft of the elevator act as a chimney where the hot air rises. It increases the hoistway pressure and keeps the elevator doors a little more open than needed. It can lead to malfunctioning and can cause the elevator to stop. We can minimize this issue by adjusting the spring pressure on the elevator doors.

The Ideal Temperature for The Elevator Room:

The ideal temperature range for the elevator room is 45- 90 F, and the relative humidity should be maintained at not more than 85%. If these parameters are not maintained, you will face issues in your elevator functioning.

Ask For Lubrication Of Mechanical Parts During Elevator Cab Renovations:

Lack of lubrication can cause the elevator to make funny noises, especially for traction elevators. Checking the lubes when carrying out preventive maintenance is a must.

Battery Backup:

Battery backup is vital for the seamless working of your elevators in case you face a power cut due to a snowstorm. So, make sure you check that periodically during winters.

Hydraulic Elevators: 

Hydraulic elevators need to go for a dry run before the day begins so that the oil gets circulated into the joints, valves, and pistons. It minimizes the risk of wear and tear and helps in the smooth functioning of the elevator.

You should carry out a full inspection of the elevator machine room and check if any part/area is susceptible to the vagaries of nature in winter. Check the window and door seals, and carry out any needed repairs before the winter season sets in.

Are you looking for a professional elevator service company to run a winter maintenance check? Get in touch with the elevator specialists at Premier Elevator Cabs. They have been providing quality elevator services in VA, DE, MD, NC & DC for more than 25 years, and they can help you in the smooth running of your elevators too.